Pez Dispensing a Conscious Sound

Pez – Australia’s resident rapper with a conscience – is in the midst of a resurgence as he prepares for the release of his next solo album later this year. His impending appearance at the upcoming Sprung Festival this October, alongside the likes of some of the hip-hop industry’s leading lights, follows an extensive government … Continue reading

The Subs Lose Decontrol

Getting arrested was never on the agenda for Belgian electro outfit The Subs as they touched down in Australia last month. Jeroen De Pessemier, The Subs newest addition, managed to get himself pinched by Canberra Police at the airport on their nationwide tour with Future Music Festival. As Jeroen rode the baggage claim conveyer belt … Continue reading

Chasing Illy on Tour

It’s been a blockbuster year for Illy. Riding on the success of his latest album The Chase and an extensive Australian tour, the Victorian MC is set to hit the road again in the coming months to extend his steadily growing fan base. LUNA recently took some time out to chat with Illy about his … Continue reading

Gorilla Warfare Tactics: Taking it to the Tip Top

Since dropping their debut track Temptations, New York hip-hop collective Gorilla Warfare Tactics have been turning heads and gaining critical acclaim across the blogosphere. It’s an ability to make intelligent and accessible music that sets the collective apart from the countless pretenders captivated by the cash, hoes and bling. Recently, LUNA had a chance to … Continue reading

360: Uncle Six is Just Getting Started

Love him or hate him, 360 is taking Australian hip-hop to new places. In an industry that sometimes takes itself a bit too seriously, 360 is on hand to inject some much needed perspective and keep his peers on their toes. Uncle Sixty recently caught up with LUNA to discuss his upcoming album Flying and Falling, … Continue reading

RIP Jimmy Recard, Long Live Drapht

It seems that Paul Ridge is certainly living the Life of Riley. Better known as Drapht, the Perth MC has been dominating the Australian hip-hop scene of late with his number one Australian record The Life of Riley and platinum track Rapunzel. LUNA recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Drapht about his cracking new album, the death of … Continue reading

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