Rick Ross and MMG Release Visuals for Power Circle

2012 has seen the rise to prominence of a number of hip hop collectives, with the likes of Odd Future, GOOD Music and now Rick RossMaybach Music Group stepping into the limelight.

Power Circle, the monstrous 9 minute posse cut off of the MMG’s Self Made vol. 2 record, finally received the visual treatment, which includes all of the standard hip hop clichés that seemingly abound in every rap video bombarding the charts.

Whilst the clip itself is relatively unremarkable, the song itself is surprisingly tight, featuring some lavish production and an impressive chemistry between the rappers – most notably between Stalley, a much improved Wale and the expectedly solid Meek Mill.

That being said, the self-proclaimed ‘Bawse’ of hip-hop manages to detract from the quality of the single with his cringe worthy Michael Jackson reference, Bernie Maidoff comparison and uninspired lyrics (including “The Square Root of a kilo is me ni**a” which he repeats for further emphasis).

Worse still is the excessive Maybach Music tags that persist to be in every song remotely related to the group, as if punters need to be reminded who they’re listening to every 30 seconds.

However, despite the merits of the track, a show stealing cameo from the evergreen Kendrick Lamar (himself the figurehead of LA rap group Black Hippy) serves as a reminder that MMG still have some work to do if they’re to be considered a premier force in the rap industry.

Self Made vol. 2 is out now via iTunes.


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