Raekwon Hints at Collab Album with Nas

In a recent interview with XXLWu Tang’s Raekwon talked up the possibility of a joint album with hip hop’s prodigal son, Nas.

“I mean, whatever Nas wants, that’s my nigga.

“As far as an album? We talked about that—Me and Nas sat down like real niggas like, ‘Yo, wassup! We need to do that!’ If everybody want that and me and him be able to sit in a room and business is correct and we both respecting what it is, I’m down.

“He know how I get down. My clips is loaded. It’ll be a rhyming album; I know that, but whatever. That’s a good friend of mine.”

The two expert wordsmiths cite each other as close friends, which translates sonically as previous collabs Rich & Black and Verbal Intercourse showcase an undeniable chemistry.

“He’s a revolutionary such as myself and I look up to him and he looks up to me.  He tells me this like, ‘Yo son, you like one of my only true friends.’ So it feels good to cover that department with a brother. Like a lot of relationships I have with artists, it ain’t just music.  It’s brotherhood, it’s that respect we carry when we see each other and it’s always like that.”
Stay tuned for further updates regarding the potential collaboration.

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