Mos Def & Talib Kweli to Reunite for New Black Star Album

Talib Kweli, in a recent interview with MTV, has confirmed that he and Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) will be releasing an album in 2012 under the Black Star moniker.

After an unfinished track leaked in August, rumours have been running wild that the pair would reunite for a second collaborative album.

The two rappers first joined forces in 1998 to significant critical acclaim, with the release of Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star.

Despite denying rumours of a reunion, the pair debuted the track Fix Up on the The Colbert Report and toured the states, further adding weight to the claims.

Now, Talib has emerged to officially announce what many have suspected for the last few months, as well as a new project from Yasiin.

“Me and Mos are focused on independence and quality of sound. We’re really into a Madlib/Dilla thing right now. Anything you hear from us is probably going to be that type of sound. And it’s about independence, so we are trying to find out the right mediums to get the songs out. When you heard Fix Up on Colbert, it wasn’t even mixed; it was something we recorded a week before. Now we’re at the mixing stage of the song and we are going to put that out ourselves. We have a bunch of songs recorded. We are just trying to figure out the best way to release them, whether it’s going to be one by one, EP or album. Right now, the plan is to release Fix Up and then Yasiin is working on a Yasiin Bey Presents project and then we’ll see how it goes.”

One of the more recent collaborations between the two was for the track History, which appeared on Yasiin’s most recent album The Ecstatic.

The track featured production from Dilla, which should provide punters with an idea of what to expect from their next album.

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