Australia Bacon Branding Boost

Home grown bacon in Australia is set to receive a boost of local support, with Australian pork limited granting the breakfast favourite its own honorary week from the 18th march to the 25th.

The commemorative week has been instated to raise awareness for the new PorkMark initiative, which makes it easier for consumers to distinguish which products are 100 per cent pure home grown Australian bacon.

APL CEO Andrew Spencer has said the PorkMark will dispel a lot of the confusion surrounding what products can be considered home grown:

“Our consumer research has shown 95 per cent of Australians would prefer to buy Australian. But they find the current labeling for bacon very confusing and at times misleading. For example ‘Made in Australia’ does not mean the product is made from Australian grown pork, only that it has been manufactured here. This pork is imported frozen, thawed out and then manufactured into bacon in Australia. The only way to be really sure you’re buying bacon or indeed any type of smallgoods product made using Australian pork is to look for the pink Australian PorkMark as your guarantee of Australian origin”.

Furthermore, Bacon Week will decide the winners of Australia’s Best Bacon, with 115 different bacons set to be judged by two chefs and a fleishmeister on a variety of factors including appearance, aroma, texture, shrinkage and of course, taste.

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