Bad Meets Evil – Hell: The Sequel

After a long hiatus fuelled by bad blood, Eminem and Royce da 5’9 reunite to deliver Hell: the Sequel.

More reminiscent of Relapse than Recovery, fans of Eminem’s older works will feel more at home with this record than those who jumped on the bandwagon after Recovery. The charismatic Detroit emcees’ chemistry is undeniable and Royce’s maturation over the last few years is clearly evident.

However, I found myself deeply puzzled by the presence of a Bruno Mars collaboration on the track Lighters. This move undermines the ominous aesthetic of the album and feels forced. Whilst Lighters allows for a much needed change of pace on the record, this could have been achieved without compromising the credibility of what is intended to be a hard hitting rap record.

Furthermore, the presence of sub-par hooks (namely on The Reunion and Above the Law) detract from the captivating and clever lyricism of the album. Overall, Hell: The Sequel is a respectable outing, but minor errors in judgement prevent it from reaching the upper echelon of recent hip-hop releases.

Highlights: Welcome 2 Hell, I’m on Everything, Fastlane


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