Calvin Harris Quits Live Performing

With Stereosonic merely days away, headline act Calvin Harris made a shock announcement to ‘quit’ singing and live performing. The move signifies a distinct change in direction for the Scottish powerhouse as he shifts to primarily producing and DJing.

He will from hereon in exclusively perform DJ sets, as opposed to the live shows Australian fans became accustomed with at Big Day Out 2010.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, Calvin Harris revealed the motives behind his shift in focus from an ‘artist’ to a producer and DJ. As an ‘artist’, Harris felt that he was “not cut out for that role” and added that he’s ‘taken the singing thing as far as I can… I’m not a singer. I’m not trained. Taking it onto the stage in front of people was terrifying. I got much, much better at it but I never lost the terror.”

Whilst this may seem to be daunting news for the UK producer’s devout following, the silver lining is that it will grant Harris the opportunity to build on his growing proficiency as a DJ and more actively produce music.

“I hadn’t considered [DJing] a viable option, but it was more fun, it seemed to be going down better than the live shows,” he said. “Why not try to take it to the next level rather than flogging the dead horse of the false singing thing? I don’t think dance music works particularly well live. There’s ways to do it more effectively.”

Not only will live performances be abandoned but, Harris announced that he will not be releasing standard albums anymore. “I don’t think an album format will work for me again. It’s not a priority. The priority is making good songs and getting them out there, not making anybody wait, especially me,” Harris justified. “The next thing will have a featured vocalist and it’s dead exciting because these are proper artists. It’s a new lease of life for the sort of music I make.”

This could signal a new era of widespread production focuses for Harris à la Timbaland.

The UK producer will be performing at Stereosonic on December 4th in Adelaide. Few tickets remain at Venuetix, with tickets on the gate subject to availability.

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