Nicholas Maher

I’ve always found solace in the expression of art, whether it be within the confines of a canvas or hidden amongst the lyrics of a song. It offers us shelter from the mundane drudgery of everyday life and provides us with a gateway into the depths of our imagination. But while I used to rely on music and film as a means in which to escape, I now understand that the manifestation of art in its numerous forms is a driving force in not only the enjoyment of life but also the understanding of it. Without art and expression, life is meaningless and cannot function. Within every human being burns an innate yearning to create, and by suppressing this expressive outlet, we relegate ourselves to a life devoid of passion. Interaction with the arts is inescapable, whether it be in the creation or merely the appreciation of it. Music, art, film and all aspects of popular culture are intrinsically entwined in human nature; they help define us and shape who we are. It unites us with those whose interests align with our own. Sharing your creative energy is an experience akin to no other. I can only hope that through this magazine we can broaden the minds of others and share these things for which I have such a burning passion. There is a current need in society to alter the perception that art, music, film and popular culture are merely trivial pursuits distracting from reality. In our world, they are an essential component to existence, the absence of which withdraws the bridge between the subconscious ego and the conscious mind.


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